It's time to go fishing!

Kids All-American Fishing Derby

Enjoy the fun of fishing by participating in one of nearly a thousand
Kids All-American Fishing derbies held across the country.

Kids All-American Fishing

CATCH A BIG FISH​ in 4 Steps!

Remember that catching a fish is not near as important as the time spent outdoors, bonding with family and friends.


Pick the correct bait. Worms catch 85% of the fish at derbies.


Fish like shade and cover. Look near rocks, weeds, and pilings.


Use the right Tackle. Pick fishing tackle as per your skill level.


Best fishing is usually in the early morning and late evening.

You can get started with a basic fishing rod and one of the best spinning reels under 100. Good fishing gear doesn’t need to be expensive.


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Kids All-American Fishing

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