Kids All American Fishing Team Program

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The Kids All-American Fishing Ambassador program is an annual effort to recognize and reward the best and the brightest of our country’s young anglers.

Each year a new team will be selected to serve as Ambassadors for all youngsters symbolizing the positive values and perspectives that are to be had from the simple joy of fishing.

Selection Criteria

Kids All-American Fishing Team ambassadors will be selected on their ability to communicate their joy of fishing and the examples they set within their community. Selection will not be based on fishing skills or abilities.

Applicants will be asked to submit an essay of 250 words or less on the following subject: “Tell us about your best fishing trip ever. With whom did you fish and why was it so memorable?”

In selecting the recipients an independent committee will review the submitted essays plus recommendations, extracurricular activities, and community involvement to determine the winners.


To be eligible for selection to the Kids All-American Fishing Team, interested applicants must:

  • Be 8 to 14 years of age (as of the application deadline).
  • Be enrolled in a public or private school.
  • Be a legal U.S. resident.
  • Have permission from a parent or legal guardian.

Children of employees of Kids All-American Fishing partners are not eligible to apply.

Applying for the Kids All-American Fishing Team

We will begin accepting applications for the Kids All-American Fishing Team on April 1. All applications must be submitted on or before July 17. Youngsters who are interested in applying and who meet the eligibility requirements can submit application information online.

You can quickly and easily enter the applicant’s contact information, and the required essay, and confirm parental consent.

All American Fishing Challenge

Young anglers coming from as far away as Washington, Ohio, and South Carolina will be the guests of honor at the annual All-American Fishing Challenge and Family Fishing Festival at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, OK.

Each team member will be paired with one of the country’s top pro anglers for an event of friendly competition which includes a fishing derby. The teams will get the casting accuracy challenge. Each Kids All-American Fishing Team Ambassador will be recognized at a reception held in the evening.

The derby is open to children of all ages. It provides a fun and educational experience to learn about fishing. Participants can learn the basics of fly fishing and fish identification from coach Joel Hays. The event also emphasizes the importance of conservation and responsible fishing practices. It is a great opportunity for kids to get outside and enjoy nature while learning a new skill.

Kids and families in the Tulsa area are invited to watch the featured competition and participate in the festival of events. In addition to the fishing derby and casting challenges, participants can have fun with the Bobber Bounce, bass boat simulator, and other activities from the event’s sponsors.