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Enjoy the fun of fishing throughout the month of June by participating in one of nearly a thousand Kids All-American Fishing events held across the country. Kids All-American Fishing exposes kids and families to and excites them about the recreation of fishing.

Kids All-American Fishing was created to introduce as many young people as possible to the recreation of fishing. Kids All-American Fishing provides kids and families with venues where they can experience the sport while exposing them to character-enriching values to help them be successful in life.

This website provides information on how to participate in Kids All-American Fishing programs or how to bring an event to your community. Thank you for taking the time to visit and we hope you also take the time to enjoy a day of fishing.

Use the Derby Locator to find youth fishing events in your area.

All-American Fishing Derbies

Kids All-American Fishing Derbies provide actual on-the-water events where kids can experience the thrill of a tight fishing line first-hand. If a child has experienced the thrill of feeling their fishing line go tight and watching their bobber dip underwater, then they already know one of fishing’s greatest rewards.

Through the recreation of fishing, kids can enjoy rewards of a different nature as well. For instance, they can gain an appreciation and respect for themselves, others, and the world around them.

For many young anglers, this appreciation and respect motivate them to become active within their communities and to contribute to the good of all at an early age.

Kids All-American Fishing partners with community agencies and organizations to help produce free on-water fishing derbies so kids and their families can reconnect and experience the joy of fishing together.

Fishing Trip Checklist

Here’s a handy checklist of things to take along when you’re planning on taking a youngster fishing. These items along with a lot of patience and understanding from the parent will help make for a most enjoyable adventure for everyone.

Please remember one important note, a youngster’s safety and comfort should be of utmost importance — after all, this is a training session for a potential lifelong fishing partner.

Life jacket — This is a must when taking a small youngster near the water. We strongly encourage parents to have their youngsters take swimming lessons as early as possible.

Sunscreen — Sunscreen is also a must. One bad sunburn during childhood can double the risk of skin cancer later in life. Use it, and use it often.

Insect repellent — Always a good idea to have on hand. Mosquitoes and other stinging, biting bugs love areas around the water just as much as kids do.

Sunglasses — It’s been proven that the proper sunglasses can help protect people’s eyes from dangerous sunrays, especially youngsters’ tender eyes. It also helps reduce glare off the water, making visibility better.

Fishing tackle and bait — We strongly encourage you to use the proper-sized tackle for a child’s small hands. You can get expert advice from experienced anglers to help you pick a good rod and reel combo. Usually, a compact spinning rod is lightweight and easier to handle. For bait, start young anglers off using worms and a bobber!

Snacks and drinks — Never take a youngster fishing without some munchies and something to drink. Something about the outdoors seems to increase young appetites.

Ice chest/ cooler — Very important, especially during the summer. This is really great for keeping the drinks cool and the worms alive!

Cap or visor — All kids like to wear a cap or visor. It’s cool and it keeps the sun out of their eyes and off their foreheads.

First Aid kit — A first aid kit is of utmost importance to always carry with you. We strongly recommend Johnson & Johnson First Aid Pocket Pals. Keep them handy in your car or tackle box. They’re wonderful for scraps and scratches.

Top Tips for Catching More Fish

From many years of working with children who are learning to fish, we’ve been able to accumulate ways to help improve a youngster’s ability to catch fish. We enjoy passing along these tips as we know they will help improve each child’s success rate.

At the same time, remember that actually catching a fish is not near as important as the time spent outdoors, bonding with family and friends during a fishing trip. So, with that in mind, here are the top tips.

  • Pick the correct bait to use. Worms catch probably 85% of the fish at our derbies.
  • Fish prefer shade and cover, so look for them around rocks, weeds, and pilings.
  • Use fishing tackle appropriate for the child’s size and skill level. Get some expert help from your local sporting goods department.
  • Best fishing is usually in the early morning and late evening, just at sunrise or sunset. Remember, it’s cooler fishing early in the day.
  • Be quiet! A tough lesson for a youngster to learn, but fish can feel vibrations and little feet running around the bank cause vibrations.

One more very important suggestion. Encourage your child to practice his or her casting. A bucket in the backyard, with no trees or power lines around, is perfect. A few extra moments spent here will go a long way to helping the youngster further enjoy their fishing time on the water.