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Kids All-American Fishing was created to introduce as many young people as possible to the recreation of fishing. Kids All-American Fishing provides kids and families with venues where they can experience the sport while exposing them to character-enriching values to help them be successful in life.

Kids All-American Fishing Derbies provide actual on-the-water events where kids can experience the thrill of a tight fishing line first-hand. If a child has experienced the thrill of feeling their fishing line go tight and watching their bobber dip underwater, then they already know one of fishing’s greatest rewards.

Through the recreation of fishing, kids can enjoy rewards of a different nature as well. For instance, they can gain an appreciation and respect for themselves, for others, and the world around them. For many young anglers, this appreciation and respect motivate them to become active within their communities and to contribute to the good of all at an early age.

The new Kids All-American Fishing Ambassador program rewards and nationally recognizes young anglers who embody the positive character values that can be nurtured through fishing.

This website provides information on how to participate in Kids All-American Fishing programs or how to bring an event to your community. Thank you for taking the time to visit and we hope you also take the time to enjoy a day of fishing.